Word on the Street: Tesla electric car ‘supercharging’ stations coming to northwest Fresno

The Fresno Bee – January 14, 2016

Tesla is getting ready to debut a Supercharger station in northwest Fresno with 10 stalls to charge its electric cars.

The chargers, which will be up and running in the next few weeks, are at The Marketplace at El Paseo, the new shopping center at Highway 99 and Herndon avenue. The red-and-white stations with the distinctive Tesla logo are next to Jersey Mike’s Subs and Pieology in the northeast corner of the parking lot.

The stations open up a new avenue of long-distance travel for owners of the electric cars who usually plug them in overnight at home.

At the new station, Tesla owners can plug in for 30 minutes and charge enough to travel 170 miles. The Model S Tesla with a range of more than 270 miles can get fully recharged in under an hour.

The only other Tesla Supercharging station in the central San Joaquin Valley is at Harris Ranch in Coalinga near Interstate 5.

There are a handful of other Tesla charging stations in the Fresno area, but most are available only to customers of the business where they’re located, such as hotels. Tesla cars can also charge at non-Tesla charging stations, but it’s slower, according to the company.

The Supercharging stations are in shopping centers or restaurants so drivers can charge while shopping or eating. A map of stations is at or on interactive touch screens inside the cars.